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What’s it about?

Semi Permanent inspires and enables creative thinkers by bringing together internationally renowned leaders to share their work and insights at a unique three-day experience at Carriageworks.

This year they’re tackling the theme of truth: how to wield it, how to overcome those who seek to blur it, and if it’s even a necessary ingredient on the path to success. 

I got to attend day two of the three day event, here are some bits of insights I found interesting.

with Patrick Clair & Raoul Marks

Create to make people curious, put things together with thoughtfulness and with meaning. Find inspiration wherever you can and keep your ideas simple, the simplest ideas are usually the most interesting. Utilise what you can to make it work. For example, the iris scene in the West World season one title sequence, was proven challenging to get right and looking lifelike. In the end, they had filmed an iris and superimposed it into the intro.


Creativity is the combination of two previously unassociated things.


Kamp Grizzly
with Daniel Portrait & Simon Haskell

Create content for culture and less for advertising, use this to highlight touchy subjects, bring change and affect the community. Find your own path, despite the pressure you get from others, or industry expectations. Make things meaningful to yourself and to the world. Be kind to people (even clients) and create opportunity for everyone to win.


Be hard on work and soft with people


Future Deluxe
with James Callahan

Most of our work comes from Instagram, utilise it, share finished work or experimentation on there. We often find agencies using our experimentations as style frames for their pitch decks.

Experimentation — we are curious and driven by the new.
It’s important to spend time on research & development and exploring new creative approaches.

Collaboration — there are no single players.
This is crucial to achieving the best possible results from a project.

Quality — chase perfection.
Do the best to your ability, you have to try on every project you’re on. Learn from your mistakes and take on feedback.

People first — killing it with kindness.
People in the team and clients are the world, treat them with kindness. There are already too many dickheads out there.

BBC2 Idents Process Reel

BBC2 Idents Final


Intel animation

Introducing human element by messing around with the machine made visuals. Using objects to distort the machine footage to make it feel and look organic. Get creative with your processes and tools.

Frame below is actually shot through a cheap cigarette ash tray.


Enjoy the ride as much as the destination.


with Ian Spalter

Technology is one of the biggest drivers for culture, given how fast it’s advancing. Believe in the work that you do and focus on your craft. To do great work, you need to understand the problem deeply. When tackling difficult problems, do the simple things first, remove the unnecessary and work to enable, not exhibit your talents. Be humble, be adaptable and understand there’s other perspective to consider. Be hard on work and soft with people.


In the words of SNASK. Disruption is normal now. Change is inevitable. how it was done yesterday is not how it should be done today. Nothing stays the same and neither should you. The problem comes when change happens and you don’t.

In summary:

1. Find inspiration wherever you can and keep your ideas simple.

2. Be kind to people and create opportunity for everyone to win.

3. Don’t be a dickhead, there’s enough of them out there already.