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Illustrator & Designer

Ideation Workshop Illustrations

Maersk has been running internal region specific ideation workshops to help encourage initiative and increase cross-team communication. As a point of difference to their standard PowerPoint presentations, these utilise illustration to help support and present these ideation workshop concepts across to the wider Maersk teams.

My challenge was to create three sets of illustrations based on the ideas from the three finalists from the Sydney office. These ideas are about improving internal systems to better serve their client needs. Each set of illustrations were produced with their own unique style while sharing the same iconic Maersk colour palette.

Client  Maersk
Branch  Sydney office
Discipline  Illustration

TeamMSK_01-Problem_ copy 21920x1080_RGB.jpg
TeamMSK_01-Problem_ copy 31920x1080_RGB.jpg
Artboard 4 copy 61920x1080_RGB.jpg
Artboard 4 copy1920x1080_RGB.jpg
Artboard 4 copy 51920x1080_RGB.jpg
Artboard 51920x1080_RGB.jpg