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Illustrator & Designer


Japan has always been on top of my travel list and in 2016 I was able to tick it off. Making the most out of the trip, I realised it would be a good opportunity to pick up a new camera and work on my photography.


Year  2016
Discipline  Photography
Camera  Sony a7ii
Lens  Zeiss 55mm f1.8

JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 16.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 5.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 22.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 7.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateWork shot 1.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 17.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 6.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 8.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 3.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 2.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 9.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 13.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 14.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 1.jpg
JapanPhotog-Work_TemplateArtboard 18.jpg